Step-and-Repeating Back Into Working Life

After years of exile living as a stay at home Dad, it would appear that my time at home is almost at an end!

Despite my best efforts, it would appear that the working world is pulling me back into the daily grind and, to be perfectly honest, I’m quite happy for it to do so.

There have certainly been highlights to being a stay at home Dad, not least of all being able to pack my sons of to school on a daily basis, packing their lunches and driving them to the school gates. Although I know that many parents happily put their careers ahead of these daily ‘chores’, I feel like I’ve certainly been able to appreciate the little changes that they’ve made over the last few years. In the time that I’ve spent at home they’ve successfully graduated from toddlers into young men who have taken on the responsibility of school life with real aplomb, I’m very proud of both of them.

However, now has come the time for me to do a similar thing and graduate from the role of stay at home Dad into a new kind of man. I’ve not had a traditional working day in over 6 years, so stepping back into a suit and black shoes might prove to be a little odd, especially considering how comfortable I’ve got in my regular attire of trackies and hoodie…

You may be wondering what possibly could have persuaded me back into the working world, after spending so much time in the blissful ‘peace and quite’ of the home-maker role. It might surprise you to find out that it wasn’t money, but rather an industry that I was truly excited to get stuck into. The print industry is one that has always fascinated me. Despite the ever dominating digital age, the demand for physical print is still high with dozens of print shops in London serving the needs of all manner of companies. Although I’d built up the majority of experience in the world of Finance, I’d always longed to be involved in an industry that was more focused on a job-to-job basis and that’s exactly what this new role gives me.

Although I won’t be working hands on with the large format printers that are required to get these jobs done, I will be directly managing the team that is involved with doing this and am really looking forward to getting down onto the ‘shop floor’ motivating staff and pushing through jobs. My first day is tomorrow and the first job on the schedule is a step and repeat board for a major design brand; it’s a big job for a client that could lead to much more work in the future should it go well.

There’s plenty to be thinking about in terms of the practicalities of getting the job done, but my mind is mostly preoccupied with how my morning routine will be changing. For the first time in over 6 years I’ll be waking up early and not knocking on my sons’ bedroom door to wake them up, or preparing their breakfast.

It’s going to be quite the change, but one that I’m certainly looking forward to.